terrazzini office entrance door

The professionalism of our Consultants, the customization of services, the precision and punctuality of our interventions, along with the technological tools we provide, have led us to have more than 120 companies that have been our clients for over 15 years. Indeed, we listen carefully to the needs of each company and respond to every request with tailor-made solutions, managed by a team of professionals who are regularly trained and supported by the expertise of a cutting-edge Study Center and internal IT Services.

We like to cultivate trusting and lasting relationships, because client satisfaction is our greatest reward.

Today, with our three locations in Milan, Lodi, and Vigevano, we reaffirm our commitment to serving our clients with presence and dedication.

In nearly 50 years, we have become the reference point for over 300 companies.

The labor law sector is constantly evolving. That is why it is crucial to keep up to date. Through study, research, and the exchange of experiences, our professionals provide companies with the highest standard of competence. The foundation of our knowledge is continuous updating, which allows us to respond precisely to our clients after careful analysis of each individual issue presented to us. We invest in the ongoing training of our specialists because we believe that our expertise is the foundation of our clients’ satisfaction.

We are firmly convinced that the foundation of respectful and lasting relationships is careful listening and transparent, empathetic communication. For this reason, our commitment to providing consultancy to companies always begins with actively listening to every individual request. Our goal is to cultivate our clients’ trust and ensure that they do not have to worry about the issues we take on for them. The fact that more than 120 companies have continued to work with Terrazzini & Partners for over 15 years is the greatest satisfaction, confirming our ability to provide not only professional consultancy but also relationships based on trust and respect.

Expertise and relationships are worthless if they are not supported by high-quality services in all aspects. We are committed to providing not only precise and professional solutions but also on time. The meticulous adherence to deadlines, the careful attention to details, and the verification of all information form the very basis of the high standard of quality we assure our clients, confirmed by the annual renewal of the ISO 9001/2015 Certification. Because every detail matters. And quality is never a detail.