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Personnel management goes beyond just payroll processing: it is an activity that requires high preparation and constant updating. That is why it is important to rely on professionals who can provide strategic support to the company, even in the most delicate phases of labor law. The Employment Consulting service offered by Terrazzini & Partners ensures professional management of employment relationships and the highest level of expertise in the field.

The experts at our Research and Consulting Center, qualified Employment Consultants registered with the Professional Order, support the client through every phase: from choosing the most suitable contractual form to assessing union agreements, from managing layoff procedures to exploring possible incentives, from handling hiring and dismissals to assisting with disputes in various stages of conciliation. This service is customised to the client’s needs and ensures not only great technical competence from our Consultants but also relational skills, essential for ensuring relationships based on trust and satisfaction.

The Research and Consulting Center of Terrazzini & Partners actively engages in the training and support of its specialists, to ensure not only timely and accurate responses but also the highest standards of quality.

Labor Relations

Startup and Expansion into Italy by Foreign Companies, Expatriate Management

Disputes with Public Organisations

Extraordinary Transactions

Information Circulars


​​Here is an overview of the Employment Consulting services offered:

  • Management of Labor Relations: Layoff fund, collective dismissals, second-level contracts, individual dispute management up to the conciliation phase;
  • Relations and Litigation with Public Organisations: Assistance in relations with INPS, INAIL, Revenue Agency, both in case of inspections and for the management of incentives, payment notifications and payment claims management.
  • Information Circulars: Updates on regulations, fiscal, and social security aspects;
  • Expatriate Management: Administrative services for personnel working abroad under Italian contracts, and for foreign personnel working in Italy;
  • Due Diligence: Administrative checks of personnel in case of mergers, acquisitions, and other M&A processes;
  • Extraordinary Transactions: Consultation and assistance in managing Human Resources in corporate operations such as mergers, incorporations, acquisitions/divestitures of business units, etc.

Research and Consulting Center

Through the Research and Consulting Center, the professionals at Terrazzini & Partners play a valuable role in training and assisting Payroll Specialists, providing them with timely and appropriate responses, thereby enabling the delivery of consistently high-quality service to clients.