Personnel Office Management

On-site or remotely, partially or fully outsourced, Terrazzini & Partners offers customised Personnel Office Management services. This can include strategic support from an Employment Consultant or direct outsourced management. Our professionals can also visit clients on-site to provide direct support to the HR Manager and staff.

This service is designed for companies without a dedicated HR department, as well as those seeking additional operational or specialized support. Our highly customisable Personnel Office Management, tailored to meet specific company needs, has been one of the most appreciated services since 1978.

Direct Employee Relations

Customised consulting via e-mail or web portal


The outsourced Personnel Office management service is provided by Payroll Specialists and/or Employment Consultants from the Study Center in two ways:

  • On-site: On pre-scheduled dates, a designated official visits the company to address employees’ questions about payslips, collective agreements, vacation and leave management, and to provide additional support including the distribution of payslips and tax/social security documentation, specific consultations, and more.
  • Remote: Via email or a dedicated web portal. Upon activation, a dedicated email address or virtual desk is created for company staff to submit inquiries. The assigned Payroll Specialist promptly manages and responds to these requests.

Employment Consultant

This service is complemented by the support provided to the personnel office management, offered by an Employment Consultant from Terrazzini & Partners. The consultant can visit the client’s site to perform consulting activities and assist the Human Resources Manager.