Payroll Services – Payroll Outsourcing

Reducing costs by delegating complex and repetitive tasks to a highly qualified partner: payroll outsourcing is a service that offers companies fast, accurate, and timely management of administrative practices, ensuring clients that they are in good hands. The pillars of our working method are our response speed, the meticulousness with which we handle each phase of payroll processing, and our transparent pricing.

The service is entrusted to Senior Payroll Specialists who, in collaboration with our Consultants and IT Department, serve as a direct and always present point of contact for clients. Moreover, our clients benefit from the continuous support of our Research and Consulting Center, composed of Employment Consultants specialized in various fields, who are able to provide comprehensive and timely assistance for every aspect of personnel management.

Payroll Services, Contributions, and Related Compliance

Attendance Management, Social Security Practices, DURC

Welfare Management

Injury Procedures Management

Relations with the Ministry for Employment and Employment Centers


The activities of the payroll department may include, for example:

  • Payroll processing, contribution calculations, and management of all related obligations;
  • Sending documents in both paper and electronic formats;
  • Attendance management, compilation, and electronic transmission of the Uniemens form;
  • Communications and procedures with social security institutions such as INPS, INAIL, supplementary pension funds, the Ministry of Employment, and employment offices;
  • Management of corporate welfare

Terrazzini HR Portal

Our offering is enriched and completed by our internal Information Technology services. Thanks to many years of experience, we have also developed advanced skills in configuring web-based solutions to meet every need related to the administrative management of personnel. We leverage the expertise of external technology partners, such as Zucchetti, to provide easily accessible solutions through the TERRAZZINI HR PORTAL.